Dirt is Turning at GATEWAY85 Project Site

Phase One Expected to Deliver in December 2021

Gastonia City Councilmembers with shovels and dirt in front of heavy equipment

So much is going on in Gastonia right now that it’s hard to keep up on the projects and what it means for the future. Recently, we attended a groundbreaking ceremony for GATEWAY85 to kick-off the development of this massive 300+ acre sprawling industrial development site in Gastonia and Lowell.

A recent article in the Gaston Gazette indicated that the project “should be one of Gaston’s (County) hottest industrial sites” and it involves the partnership of two municipalities and various agencies in Gaston County.

On January 19, Missouri-based NorthPoint Development, which purchased the land for $22.7 million from the Lineberger family, hosted a groundbreaking ceremony where several partners spoke about the excitement for the project and its long-term benefits. The development site is located just east of Cox Road, bounded to the north by NC Highway 7 and Interstate 85, and just north of the Franklin Square area. The plan is to turn the area into millions of square feet of warehouse and manufacturing space, occupied by 10 or 11 industrial warehouse buildings which will be leased to end users.

“There is a lot of interest in this type of land development,” saidDonny Hicks, director of the Gaston County Economic Development Commission. “This project will allow Gastonia, Lowell, and Gaston County to successfully compete in the industrial warehouse market.”

What does it mean for the area and our citizens?

First, the project is part of a warehousing boom going on in the city, state, and region. Many developers and major corporations have focused on warehouse space north and south of Charlotte along Interstate 77. Now they are eyeing Gaston County, and the GATEWAY85 project as one example of an intense project that Gaston County Economic Development Commission has been working on for about 10 years.

Second, it’s anticipated that this project could bring as many as 3,000 jobs to the facilities that will be built on the land. This means a boost for the tax base and more corporate visibility in the area.

Third, with a lot of development moving westward from Charlotte, investors are looking at Gastonia and areas around us as attractive to expand and bring more services here. That means we are on their radar and we’re developing quite the reputation for being great partners in progress!

Work is already beginning on the site – that means huge trucks and earth movers on the go! The first building is expected to be finished by the end of 2021 and total buildout should be completed in the next five years. We’ll be keeping an eye on this one and giving you updates as it progresses.