Gastonia City Council Approves Comprehensive Bicycle Plan

The Gastonia City Council approved a Comprehensive Bicycle Plan presented at its June 20 meeting. The Comprehensive Bicycle Plan will be funded through a NCDOT Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning Initiatives grant received in 2020.

The Plan was delayed for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and was put back on track for completion this year. It will build on the City’s 2025 Comprehensive Plan and will identify and prioritize projects, policies and programs that will improve biking in the City.

“We know that transportation and accessibility are important to our residents,” said Mayor Walker E. Reid. “Due to the hard work of our staff with the consultant and with funding from NCDOT, we will be able to offer more transportation options for a healthier Gastonia.”

The purpose of the Plan is to build on recommendations from previous planning efforts and to support a safer, healthier, and more connected/accessible community. The City has three main goals related to the plan:

  • Support future redevelopment areas with quality bicycle infrastructure.
  • Increase connectivity in the greenway system.
  • Provide safe and comfortable non-automobile transportation options between and within neighborhoods.

“A key component for any plan like this is public input,” said Jason Thompson, Planning Director.
“A public survey was conducted with an online map and two public meetings were held to gain critical feedback from the community. We are excited to see how the Plan will be implemented in our City.”

Some Key Highlights of the Plan

  • Expands existing greenway networks and current bike lanes.
  • Provides roadway connections to greenways.
  • Converting roads or adding new roads to adequately and safely accommodate riders.
  • Revising and updating a myriad of policies, ordinances, and procedures related to biking accommodations, traffic and biker awareness.

Thompson said implementing the new Bicycle Plan will be a strategic and coordinated process over time. The City of Gastonia’s Comprehensive Bicycle Plan can be viewed here.