Changes affecting your utility bill

City/Two Rivers utility bill example

Effective July 1, 2018, the City of Gastonia changed several of its fees. You may notice those changes in your monthly City utility bill.

The fee changes were included in the City’s annual budget which took effect July 1. The budget, which was unanimously approved by the Gastonia City Council on June 5, did not raise property taxes.

Fee changes:

  • Restructuring of City electric rates with a lower rate per kilowatt hour. An average residential customer may pay $24 to $36 less for electricity in the coming fiscal year.
  • Increase in water and sewer fees. The 2.5% increase means average residential customers of Two Rivers Utilities will pay about $20 more a year for water and sewer service. The increase pays for capital and maintenance projects such as water and sewer pipes, pumps and treatment facilities.
  • Increase in residential solid waste fees from $6.50 to $8.50 per month. Pays for higher recycling and landfill costs and to replace three aging garbage trucks.
  • No change in Stormwater fees.

Descriptions of the fees on your utility bill

The City’s $236.9 million dollar budget increased by about 2 percent. City Manager Michael Peoples said the Fiscal Year 2019 budget focuses on the City Council’s goals of financial responsibility, customer service and economic development.

City of Gastonia’s Fiscal Year 2019 Consolidated Fee Schedule – lists all fees for service charged by the City