Autumn brings changes to Gastonia’s yard waste collection

Raking autumn leaves

Autumn leaves are falling and the City of Gastonia is adjusting its yard waste pickup schedule during the cooler months. The City vacuums leaves from residential streets twice a month from November through January, with additional leaf vacuuming as needed through March. Leaf vacuuming does not always take place on the day of a customer’s scheduled garbage pickup. Leaves are to be left in piles along the curb and not placed in bags.

To provide manpower to vacuum leaves, the City reduces the collection of loose yard waste through January. Loose yard waste is collected only during the first week of the month in November, December and January. However, customers who choose to lease a yard waste cart from the City will have their yard waste collected weekly year-round. City crews will also pick up discarded live Christmas trees in early January.

Residents are encouraged to download the City’s new WasteWise app to help keep track of the seasonal changes in yard waste collection, as well as numerous changes to pick-up schedules during the upcoming holidays. The app customizes information for the resident’s address. Users can choose if they want reminders or updates via email, phone call or text. The app also provides notifications about special collections such as Christmas tree pick up and if bad weather or other unforeseen events will affect the resident’s collection schedule.