Creepy Nature, an original Schiele exhibit opening soon

Creepy Nature exhibit coming to museum

A Schiele Museum original exhibit – Creepy Nature – will open on June 2. Dreamed up, designed, and built entirely by the Schiele’s staff with the help of comic book artist, James Lyle, the exhibit is truly unique, providing a revealing look at the talent and creativity of museum staff.

A giant kraken, hand sculpted vampire bats, and a sunken ship all attest to the handy work and detail that have gone into creating Creepy Nature. The exhibit combines education and entertainment as only something of this kind could. Creepy Nature allows guests to follow along Thaddeus Jones’ journey aligned with educational facts about natural world phenomena seen in horror fiction films and mythologies. All ages will be amazed by the Venus fly traps, great white shark, and Burmese python, and intrigued to know real world truths about these creatures. Creepy Nature truly embodies The Schiele’s mission to inspire wonder and appreciation for science and the natural world.

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