Slide Over to the Schiele to Experience Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland sign above skating rink entrance

The Schiele Museum will be opening its newest, original exhibit Winter Wonderland to its members on Friday, January 15.  Winter Wonderland will be an adventure geared towards the youngest visitors to the museum as participants are urged to take off their shoes and sock “skate.”

“Our exhibits team has created an indoor skating rink,” shared Tony Pasour, head of interpretation. “Kids will be able to slide around in their socks while skating around the rink. While the weather is unpredictable this time of year, we wanted to provide our visitors with a fun way to expend some energy in a safe way.”

Winter Wonderland is fashioned to look like an outdoor pond that has iced over.  The winter scene is complete with taxidermy mounts of deer bounding through the forest and other wildlife peeking at the skaters. Children up to age 12 will be able to kick off their shoes and skate off some energy, practice some ice skating techniques, or just enjoy twirls and sliding across the floor.

“As the exhibit has been constructed over the last several weeks, many visitors, and especially our Science Club students, have been eyeing the progress.  They can’t wait for their chance to get in there and test the ice,” Pasour said.

As the coronavirus continues to be a concern for our community, The Schiele staff wanted to provide a low-contact experience for our youngest visitors to enjoy.  An anonymous sponsor provided support to help make this exhibit possible. The Winter Wonderland experience will give children a way to exercise while having fun as families enjoy spending time together.

Schiele Members will be the first to show off their skating skills on Friday, January 15 as it opens exclusively to members first. It will be open to the public on Saturday, Jan. 16 for just $3 per person and will be free for Schiele Members. Tickets can be reserved online in advance at The Winter Wonderland exhibit is scheduled to be open through March 2021.

January 15 will also kick off the first of the weekly Friday Night Light programs scheduled through February. These special planetarium programs will be offered each Friday evening at 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. and will give families, couples, and adults an opportunity to experience a planetarium program after hours. New programs will be available each week, from live star shows to science theater programs from across the national planetarium industry. Limited seating provides ample room for visitors to spread out and pick their favorite seats to enjoy the show.

For more information, please visit or follow The Schiele Museum on social media.